Conference Program
Moderator: HASHIMOTO, Masahiro Director General, Policy planning and coordination Dept.
The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Opening Remarks:
The Expectations for the East Asia Innovation Policy Conference
KOMIYAMA, Hiroshi President, The University of Tokyo
Japan's IP Policy for Pro-Innovation
SUZUKI, Takashi Commissioner, Japan Patent Office (Patent Law and Innovation system Reform)
The Mission of Innovation Policy Research Center
MATSUSHIMA, Katsumori Director, Innovation Research Policy Center, The University of Tokyo
Honor Lecture
Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership
LEE, Chong-Moon Advisory Board Member, Entrepreneurship Education,Engineering School, Stanford University
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, KAIST
Founder & Chairman, Silicon Valley Venture Fund
Presentation Sessions on Innovation Research by IPRC:
An Academic Landscape of Innovation Research
Network Analysis of the Japanese Regional Clusters
Web Engineering Applied for Innovation Policy Research
SAKATA, Ichiro Professor, Todai Policy Alternative Research Institute
East Asia Policy Panel DiscussionFNational Innovation System Collaboration and Fusion
Presentation: the Present and Future of the National Innovation System
Feature of Innovation System and Innovation Policy Trend in China
WEI, Lu Senior Research Fellow, Director General Techno-Economic Research Department, Development Research Center, The State Council of P.R.C
China:From Global Manufacturing Hub to Global Innovation Center?
XUE, Lan Executive vice president of the Development Research Academy for the 21st Century and director of China Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Tsinghua University
Daedeok Innopolis (KOREA) as an Innovation Cluster
YANG, Taeyong Director, Center for Science-based Entrepreneurship
Research Project of New Innovation Model
MATSUSHIMA, Katsumori Director, Innovation Innovation Policy Center, The University of Tokyo
Panel Discussion
Top issues of the reform, toward non liner, open innovation system, New role of universities, Future of regional clusters etc.
Closing Remarks
HORIBA, Masao Director, General of Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations
17:30-19:30 Reception at Faculty Club, Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo