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坂田・古月研究室SAKATA - FUGETSU - Lab


Shoichi Manabe

Shoichi Manabe

Collaborate researcher ( from Nanosummit.Co.Ltd ) School of Engineering The University of Tokyo

Email ID: manabe@ipr-ctr.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp ( for Univ of Tokyo )

s-manabe@nanosummit.jp ( for Nanosummit.Co.Ltd )

I was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, completed my M. Degree in Environmental Engineering (2012) from Hokkaido University under the guidance of Prof. Bunshi Fugetsu. Currently I belong Nanosummit.Co.Ltd and has been working as a collaborate researcher at the University of Tokyo.

My major study is focused on developing nano applications by making use of nano carbon (ex: graphene, carbon nanotube), and environmental purification adsorbents. The examples of nano-applications can show thermal heater films and transparent conductive films by utilization of carbon nanotube dispersions solution based on industrial methods.

Besides, the example of environmental remediation agent is so called nano-nano hyblid adsorbent that is included Prussian blue (inorganic) and Nano cellulose (organic).

Above mentioned material enables us to develop a novel adsorbent which aimes for eliminating radioactive cesium effectively, leading to chemically stable without decomposition in seawater.
This production can provide us to be lower cost and make manufacture facilely.

I believe that it has great potential to solve not only Fukushima disaster, but also global issues all over the world.