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Xueji Zhang 教授(北京科技大学)セミナー開催

Prof. Xueji Zhang was appointed as National Professor at University of Science & Technology Beijing. He has over 20 years’ experience in sensors and biomedical research and commercialization. He joined World Precision Instruments Inc. (WPI) in 1999 as a research scientist and was promoted to Vice President of Science in 2003 and Sr. Vice President of Science in 2004. He has authored over 500 papers, 8 books and 70 patents. His research was cited over 8000 times and his H-index is 55. He has developed numerous biomedical sensors, instruments and devices for commercialization. He also serves as the editor-in-chief of American Journal of Biomedical Sciences and has been a member of the advisory editorial board of 19 other international journals. He has received numerous awards and honors, including academician of Russian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of Aimbe, Fellow of RCS, and W. Simon Fellow of ICSC-World lab, United Nations.

Prof. Zhang gave us a talk on “Nanobiosensing – From Basic Research to Commercialization” at the University of Tokyo. The talk covered the full scope of nanobiosensing, which combines the newest research results in the cross-disciplines of chemistry, biology, and materials science with biosensing and bioanalysis to develop novel detection principles, sensing mechanisms, and device engineering methods. The lecture was also discussed on nanobiosensing technology, including the principles and application of biosensing, the design and biofunctionalization of bionanomaterials, as well as the methodology to develop biosensing devices and bioanalytical systems.